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“The cosmic-fire Grandfather.”

It is an audio visual project that brings us closer the Wixarika`s cosmogony, the people known as Huicholes, audiovisual performances reflected in multiple displays is how symbolic, mythical and spiritual planes collide with current technology that permeates everything in our present life, so the idea was born in the reinterpretation of art already known and very representative of this ancient people of ancient nation, with all this unique folk burden they carry.

Is the pursuit of the blue deer, the hunt of the hikuri-peyotl, which has traditionally led all Wixara to walk their own path in the deep of the desert, a place in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, call Wirikuta becomes Tatewari`s house, once the task is completed, all information given by the grandfather cosmic should be represented in the most beautiful shapes and colors most poetic of which we have witnessed in necklaces, bracelets, backpacks, drawings and his own clothing worthy of the fire chief.

Thanks to songs and gods Wixarikas arises the need for expression of ancient people, who shared many customs in recent years across countries, it's time to represent and share my experience in the ways that I know and practice, bringing the experience to images and rhythms which represent my way of appreciating my search, my blue path guided by them, is in digital forms that the teachings transmitted by the grandfather, the one who knows and sees all, it pays tribute to the people of multimedia fire Warriors.

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