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Eeny meeny miny moe

AV Performance
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"Till we became The eeny meeny miny moe”

Audio-visual expression of shaky disequilibrium crossed somewhere between social, philosophical and emotional paths of reality.
Which way, which way; a long distance between carelessness - purity of mind and decissions - responsibilities as well as a short way to crash. No more fuckin' lullabies? Dilemma. Right Left or Straight. Let's try to go Back to the moment of absolute silence. How independent could each person chose to be, what became the choices of individuals? Aren't our paths as accidental as a children's counting rhyme? If so, let's go furter in more complex play.
Multithreaded performance telling a story of the purest innocence and contamination, society, rules and disagreement, physiology, emotionality and sexuality, fighting and playing, dreams. As it all is a path of a human being to get closer to himself, to keep his own uniqueness.
Looking for the roots of our being and feeling, can we keep our identity while bombarding with mass and surrounded with expectations? Maybe we can play a game with social norms and values? Certainly, we write our manifests with every few steps we make and everyday little decissions. Journey on the streets of lives of unknown faces, shots of individual existances, comparison and irony.
Performance of video and animation images with sonic variety interlaced with live music. If the sound of music reminds you of something close and forgotten, if the image of light and colour makes your brain working faster. Intensive transmission in a free convention based on interactions with surroundings. I won't fight. Ladies and Gentelmen, let me introduce your lives to the PLAY button in the game of everyday life...

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01.08.18 | September 20 - 23, 2018

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15.07.18 | The NGO Towards a better world

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