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Resistance is a live performance project that uses the artist’s body like a testing ground, as well as a place for physical, physiological and politic resistance. An abused body, injured in a desperate attempt by the artist to find their own identity and to denounce the daily political and social pressure exerted on the human body, like said Michel Foucault.

Today, the human body has been brutally shown as never in any other historic period, or in Art. Visible bodies, mutilated, invisibles, expanded, obscene, makeup, denigrated and lacerated, but always bodies, nothing more than bodies. We observe it perplexed but resigned by the claim is no longer that we have a body, but we are one body. The body have no more voice, opinion, discernment, enter, leave and many things lost in the time. The body needs to reassert itself in the world and to other bodies, because it’s not just place to house the mind.

In Resistance, Marcus Vinícius explores many daily concerns, both personal and universal - that concern man’s existence in general. The performance begins when the performer stand in front the camera then a co-performer cuts off all his hair with a shaver machine, which sounds insufferably. Bald, the performers ties his own tongue with a white thread and press it to the limit, with the lack of irrigation, following a painful process that becomes invisible self-inflicted silence. Without articulating words, but loudly by the force of images that are projected on three screens in the background, comes a voice that is enshrined in a critical monologue, historic and highly politicized social primarily describes a rapidly changing body.

Far from exhausted, the human body is an inexhaustible source of new research in the arts, and one of the paradigmatic themes of contemporary art. Thinking about the body, its possibilities and limits, is to reflect on life and humans, and helps us understand where going and what we are.

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01.12.17 | December 1 - 9, 2017

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