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GRIDSHAPE is an intersection of heavily distorted violent sounds with points of kinetic aural quietness through the interaction between digital electronics and guitars.

GRIDSHAPE Extended is a live project in which Franz Rosati & Francesco Saguto has involved polyhedric Saxophone player Henrique Portovedo and young talented visual artist Andrea Mazzucco.

GRIDSHAPE is a project by Franz Rosati & Francesco Saguto

Franz Rosati: electronics, distorted guitars, visuals
Francesco Saguto: classic, prepared and distorted guitars
Henrique Portovedo: Saxophone, electronics
Andrea Mazzucco: visuals


“This experiment in electro-acoustic composition traverses through track titles starting with “In a Pre-Liminal State” to “Progressionn Through Reposition” and finally “In a Post-Liminal State”, where the listener is faced with ambiguity and disorientation occurring during this sonic ritual. The listener is finally transfixed during the transitional state of aural decay – where buildups of noise highlight the silence, only to reveal that it was always there, even during most clamorous moments.”
Headphone Commute

“Gridshape offre ici un album impressionnant de contrastes entre acoustique et travail électronique. Pas d’affrontement entre les deux, mais une mise en valeur mutuelle, une interaction éblouissante qui hisse avec aisance une guitare dans les profondeurs venteuses d’un brouillard électrique. ”

“Gridshape offer here an album of impressive contrasts between acoustic and electronic work. No confrontation between the two, but an enhanced mutual interaction which lifts dazzling guitar with ease in the depths of a windy electric fog.”
Aurelie S. for SWQW

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Ghost Flash
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YOU, 2015
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draw-strings, horns, boost
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SPQR June 2015
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Jessica Rabbit
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The Princess Bride
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19.11.16 | Festival für zeitbasierte Experimentalkultur

Art Vision Contest
23.09.16 | Mapping and VJing competition

Live Cinema Festival 2016
07.09.16 | September 7 - 11 2016, Rome

"A+D+G ’16"
31.05.16 | New art competition


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