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Simulacrum is a collaboration project between artists Maria Almena and Nestor Rubio, founders of Kimatica creative studio, a London-based multidisciplinary platform whose works explores the intersection between the human body, fashion and technology.

A Contemporary Ritual is Simulacrum's first audiovisual performance. It is a shamanic ritual experience using contemporary mediums to highlight the journey through different states of consciousness and body metamorphosis created by the combination of reactive visuals, surreal costumes, sound and movement.

The body's movement interacts with the visuals using real-time projection mapping techniques. A Kinect sensor reads the space to generate images that are projected back onto the performer and scenery. The overlapping of two different realities (the physical and the virtual), creates a new augmented reality that gives new meaning to the perceived scene.

The use of new technologies embedded in the ritualistic performance induce a hypnotic, consuming state of psychedelic consciousness, engaging darkness and light, confusion and lucidity, fear and fascination. Tricking the viewers visual perception and taking them on an intensely powerful trip through primordial archetypes, metamorphosis and eventual purification.

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