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Video Installation
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Filtering attention on the aspects that I considered more visually hypnotic. The doors open to get into ancestral fears. Various scenes from the symbolism of apocalypse, hell, chaos and light suggest audio visual metaphors of knowledge and vital.

The scenes inspired by the illuminated texts, are fed back through the spaces in which to present his speech today. (language Wikipedias and editing codes)

The figure of the Beatus as a storyteller with a great background audiovisual, entertainment and recreation which should be enjoyable.

A video installation with the possibility of changing their appearance according to the space and resources available. Supports where expose) From small photo frames digitals to multiple video projection in a big space.

http://dafanimations.blogspot.com/ [http://dafanimations.blogspot.com/]

http://dafanimations.blogspot.com/2011/01/confabula-2011.html [http://dafanimations.blogspot.com/2011/01/confabula-2011.html]

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Geodesic Led Sphere
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Geodesic Dome
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Builders of a Foreign Nation
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Ghost Flash
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YOU, 2015
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draw-strings, horns, boost
Értékelés: +1FEL
Downloads: 34
Nézettség: 6504


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