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Neoclassical Jazzistic Bullshit

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The act of Joshua Brandon is innovative with devastating beats that fuses Bass, Psychedelic, Jazz, Break-Beat and Live Electronics. Multi-instrumentalist musician, producer, researcher, dj, composer, arranger, sound designer, stage designer, Joshua has a new style with abrupt changes of pace and incredible soundscapes that will take you to unimaginable places all wrapped in an amazing visual show. With over 10 years of career Brandon has stepped stages of all the Republic and the United States, accompanied as an openning act for the Californian artist Free the Robots in the closing of his world tour of 2010. And sharing the stage with famed producer Flying Lotus in the important venue of the Jose Cuervo Salon Mexico City. He just release his album "Necoclassical Jazzistic Bullshit" under the record label NecronomiPoP. Right Now on Tour in USA, England, Nederland and France.

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    • Italy Avellino, Bologna, Bologna/Roma, Boville, Como, Napoli, Pisa, Reggio Emilia, Roma, Rome, Salerno, roma
    • Vietnam Saigon
    • Germany Berlin, Heidelberg
    • Netherlands Amsterdam, Eindhoven
    • United Kingdom Brighton
    • Hungary Budapest

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